New and groundbreaking fire paint – a green product for future construction – Meets Bs1d0

Fire paint for the construction of the future that meets the fire requirements Bs1d0

– can also be used as maintenance of wooden surfaces

Our fire paint is developed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be delivered in clear varnish as well as in a paint version in all RAL color tones.

We offer fire paint for: wood, metal, concrete, plastic, composite, upgrading of plaster, upgrading of wooden doors to fire doors, for example for class EI230

The fire paint is foaming and in a fire situation will expand and form an insulating layer that prevents the wood from breaking into flames.

You can use the product for wooden surfaces that need fire protection and that are not fire-impregnated in advance. A fantastic solution for any existing buildings, which both need maintenance, but which must also be protected against fire.

Tested at a certified fire department

The fire paint has been tested at a certified fire institute, which documents that the varnish meets the requirements for pre-accepted solutions in BR 18.

The following requirements can be met:

  1. Wood and wood-based products, including CLT wood with a minimum thickness of 9 mm: Class: B S1-d0
  2. Wood minimum thickness 15 mm – Class: K10 B S1-d0
  3. Class: EI 60 construction, for walls and ceilings
  4. Class: REI 60 load-bearing structures in wood

The market’s lowest requirements for application volume

The fire varnish is a “thin layer of paint”, ie. that it has the market’s lowest requirements for application volume. This means that the wood retains its natural structure, without appearing “plastic-like”.

The topcoats are available in 3 different gloss steps, matte, silk gloss and glossy, respectively. Note that the topcoat wears out due to weather and possibly cracks and fissures must be maintained throughout the life of the building. It is important that the topcoat is intact, as it protects the fire paint and thus ensures full functionality in a fire situation.

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