New and groundbreaking fire paint – a green product for future construction and maintenance of wooden surfaces

Fire paint – for you who think green and think about safety

A fire protection system consisting of primers and paints in many colors.

Firestop wood protection system consists of Firestop Primer and Firestop Topcoat which has been developed with a green profile. Like all other Firestop products, the fire paint does not contain chemicals subject to notification.

You can use the products for wooden surfaces that need to be fire-protected and that are not fire-impregnated in advance. A fantastic solution for any existing buildings, which both need maintenance, but also need to be protected from fire.

Wood protection and maintenance at the same time

Wood used outdoors should be treated and maintained. Wood fits exactly in the desire to use building materials that are both environmentally friendly, recoverable and recyclable.

In modern construction, it is difficult to build constructively properly, as our desires for exciting architecture prevent it. But then most things can be done with treatment and maintenance.

If you want further information about fire protection and wood protection, contact Torben Damm at

See fire test of wood treated with Firestop fire paint: Test of Firestop fire paint

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    Patent and tested by DBI – Fire and Security

    Firestop is patented and tested by DBI. Firestop meets the Danish requirements by a wide margin – both for fire resistance and for the material (DS / INSTA 412 and ISO 5657: 1997). This means that the wood by impregnation changes from a kl. B-material to A-material and therefore can be used in places in construction where it was not previously possible for legislative reasons to use wood.