About Firestop Nordic

Established ind 2014

With background in the wood and construction industry, Firestop Nordic has developed and obtained a patent for impregnation of wood and other materials. The development is based on more than 35 years of experience in both the chemical and construction industry.

The products are adapted to the needs of the individual customer and the materials to be protected, whether for fire protection or other chemical protection. It can, for example. be anti-dirt, anti-static or anti-bacterial.

The fire protection products are built on 3 basic products:

Firestop 11

Used for imporegnation and fire protection of wood.

Firestop 22

Used for impregnating other absorbent materials besides wood such as wood fibers, paper, leather, wool and textiles.

Firestop 22 is also used for efficient firefighting in general and forest fires – as the effect of Firestop is 10 times higher than water cooling. This effect is achieved with the addition of 5% Firestop in the extinguishing water.

Firestop 33

Used in materials where water cannot be used. These may be products that need to be heated in the manufacturing process to melt e.g. plastic, insulation and the like.

We will contact you for advice on the use of Firestop
for your specific project.

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Save people and think about the environment

Firestop Nordic’s fire protection and fire extinguishers help safeguard and protect people and values ​​- and reduce the risk of serious consequences of a possible fire. Without risk to the environment.

Our products have a green and environmentally friendly profile and thus differ from other fire protection and fire extinguishing agents in that they do not contain harmful substances and chemicals.

Our products are adapted to companies that focus on “cradle-to-cradle”. The products can be used both indoors and outdoors. The products do not discolor known products and do not cause odors.