Future construction is impregnated with FireStop

Protect your building against fire with Firestop

Water-based fire impregnation for wood and other materials

Focus on sustainability and recyclability

When it comes to fire impregnation, the EU sets a number of requirements for the means used for impregnation – all of these requirements are met by Firestop.

Firestop has developed several products for impregnation, all of which have in common that they do not contain toxic substances that are subject to notification. The products are environmentally friendly and can be used for projects where sustainability and recyclability are important.

Water-based impregnating liquid for wood

Firestop is a water-based liquid that can be used both outside and inside.

Firestop has been developed for fire impregnation of wood, but the application possibilities are many and today we impregnate plastic, textiles, leather, paper, wool etc.

When Firestop is used on wood, the product works both as a fire impregnation and as wood protection – this gives you two functions in a product.

Firestop does not make special requirements for fastening such as nails, screws or fittings and is PH-neutral.

Firestop can be applied to all absorbent materials and the functionality is well documented from several industries that use the product today. Firestop meets the desire to use recoverable materials as well as sustainability and recyclability.

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    Fire protection and maintenance of wood with Firestop

    The Danish requirements for fire impregnation of wood are perhaps the strictest in the world at all!

    Not only are there requirements for fire resistance, but also for the material. The EU also has a number of requirements for the means used for impregnation – all of these requirements are met by Firestop.

    Preventive fire protection is essential when constructing buildings. The more people who use the building, the greater the risk and the need for effective fire protection.

    In the case of specific industries, there will always be a test period where our developers in collaboration with the customer take care of assembling the product so that it can be tested in the given production or task.

    Firestop is easy to use and can be used on all types of materials. It does not get dirty as it is a 100% organic product.

    The product is odorless and does not discolor the treated area.

    fire protection

    Patent and test performed by DBI Fire & Security

    Firestop has a patent and the product has been tested by DBI.

    Firestop meets the Danish requirements by a wide margin – both for fire resistance and for the material (DS / INSTA 412 and ISO 5657: 1997). This means that the wood by impregnation changes from a kl. B-material to A-material and therefore can be used in places in construction where it was not previously possible for legislative reasons to use wood.

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