Future construction is impregnated with FireStop

Protect your building against fire with Firestop

A preventive fire fighting is essential when it comes to constructing a new building. FireStop is therefore a natural choice as materials treated with Firestop can not be ignited and thus protects the building against fire damage.

FireStop is a water-based fluid that is characterized by containing no notifiable chemicals. The product can be used for fire- proofing of wood, textiles, as well as other absorbent materials.

We currently sell the product for the timber industry and FireStop treated products is an obvious choice in most construction projects, for example, it can be used for all kinds of wooden structures such as interior wall and floor structures, equipment and exterior wooden facades.

FireStop is a 100 % organic and biodegradable product, and is completely non-toxic.

Test of paper treated with Firestop: Paper

Test with wool: Wool

Test of tree treated with Firestop paint against fire: Paint