Fire Protection

Firestop is used for fire impregnation and extinguishing bushfires

Firestop Nordic has, with a background in the timber industry, developed and obtained a patent for a product that can be used for both fire impregnation of wood and other absorbent materials. The product is used for impregnation of wood, wood fibers, paper and textiles, but can bed used for all materials, which can absorbe a liquid.

In addition, Firestop can be used as an additive in water to be used for extinguishing fire in buildings and bushfires. Firestop creates an effective and water-saving extinguishing result.

100% organic and biodegradable

Firestop has a green and environmentally friendly profile, and thus differs from other fire protection and fire extinguishing agents. The product does not contain harmful substances and chemicals and is 100% organic and biodegradable.

Many companies that focus on “cradle-to-cradle” today use the product.

Fire Protection

Fireprotection of wood and other materials

Protect your buildings from fire with Firestop. Preventive firefighting is crucial when building a new buildings or existing buildings need to be maintained and protected against fire.

Constructions and other building materials, which are treated with Firestop cannot ignite and are thus protected against fire.

The product is used in several different industries in the textile and wood industry, but the possibilities are many and we help with the testing process in n

Fire Extinguisher

Very effective in extinguishing bush fires

Firestop is a 100% organic and biodegradable product, which is extremely effective in extinguishing fires.

Firestop is added to the extinguishing water and this significantly improves the extinguishing effect as the cooling effect becomes 10 times greater than water.

This ensures a better working environment for the firefighters as it reduces the development of harmful harmful smoke and particles. There is also a significant saving on the use of water as the fire extinguishes faster and the risk of after-fire is minimized.

Very effective in extinguishing bush fires.