About Firestop Nordic

Firestop Nordic has with background in the wood and construction industry developed and patent reported new products for both impregnating wood and other materials. The development is based on more than 35 years of experience in both the chemical and building industry. The products are adjusted each client’s needs and materials considered whether it comes to protection against fire or other chemical protection. This can for example be anti-stain, anti-static and anti-bacterial protection.

The fire protection products are built around three basic products: Firestop 11 – used for fireproofing of wood and absorbent materials like textiles, leather, paper, wool, museum objects, etc. Firestop 22 – used for traditional firefighting where it is incorporated in the fire water. Firestop 33 – is used for the materials where there water cannot used. It can for instance be products that in the manufacturing process must be heated to melt as for example plastics and insulation.

Firestop think “green” and the products are without halogens, formaldehyde, bromine and other undesirable chemicals. They contain no reportable chemicals and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The products discolour not known products and does not smell.