Efficient and environmentally friendly firefighting

100% organic – no pollution – better working conditions for firefighters

Optimal and efficient extinguishing – minimizes smoke generation and afterburner – cooling effect 10 times better than water

Firestop is a 100% organic and biodegradable and does not contain added toxins.

Firestop is added to the extinguishing water and with only 5% added to the extinguishing water, the mixture cools so much that it closes the burning product and blocks the oxygen supply. The fire is therefore extinguished faster and better.

At the same time, the extinguishing area is impregnated so that the fire cannot return. When using Firestop, the cooling effect starts at 230 – 250 C, which minimizes the risk of toxic fumes and vapors.

There will also be a minimization of post-extinguishing work, as the extinguishing with Firestop impregnates the area and thus extinguishes the fire completely.

Firestop can also be used to encapsulate fire so that the fire does not spread. In particularly fire-ravaged areas, fire can be encapsulated in fire belts using Firestop, so that you can control the fire more quickly and secure the area.

No pollution and water saving

Firestop does not contain any notifiable chemicals, which means that the risk of contamination of both groundwater and the rest of the environment is minimized and purification after fire is minimal.

The amount of water to extinguish a fire is reduced, as the fire is extinguished faster and thus creates an economic saving on water consumption.

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    Environment and Working Environment

    Improving the working environment for firefighters – minimizing the risk of toxic fumes and vapors

    There is a great focus on the working environment for firefighters throughout the Nordic region, both because of the cancer risk, but also because we see an excess mortality in this working group. The reasons for this are many, but one of them is, among other things, the risk of inhaling harmful fumes and particles.

    Addition of Firestop in the extinguishing water creates a great cooling effect. This means not only a cooling of the burning material, but also a cooling of the environment around the fire.

    This significantly improves the working environment for the firefighting crew. The cooling also makes it possible to get closer to the fire, so that the extinguishing work is made more efficient.

    FireStop contains no chemicals subject to notification and the cooling effect starts at 230 – 250 C, which minimizes the development of toxic fumes and vapors and thus the risk of inhalation of harmful fumes and particles.