Get optimum extinguishing effect and minimize smoke and after fire

There is a strong focus on the working environment for fire men throughout the Nordic region, both because of the risk of cancer, but also because we see an excess mortality among this group. The reasons are many, but one of them is among others the risk of inhaling harmful fumes and particulates.

The challenge with smoke can be solved with FIRESTOP and at the same time we can improve both the effect of the fire extinguishing and minimize after fire.

Firestop Nordic has developed and patented product – FIRE STOP 22. FIRESTOP 22 is a 100 per cent organic product and is a highly effective in fire fighting. FIRESTOP contains no toxic substances that are traditionally part of similar products and is therefore a very environmentally friendly product.


We have tested the product together with Kolding Municipal Fire Department and made attempts extinctions with respectively straw, wood and tires. FIRESTOP 22 is added to the water and in the 3 trial extinctions, we can document the 5 essential things:

• The effect of the fire fighting is significantly improved
• The cooling effect of FIRESTOP 22 means that the burning material is cooled down but also the area around the fire is cooled down. This means that the firemen can get closer to the fire and the fire fighting will be more efficient.
• FIRESTOP 22 has an impregnating effect, ensuring shelter of the fire and so the fire can not spread
• FIRESTOP 22 contains no reportable chemicals, which means that the risk of contamination of both groundwater and the environment is minimized and that cleaning up after a fire is minimal.
• FIRESTOP 22 makes extinction work more efficient and is water-saving – and thus financially advantageous.